Andy Huang, Taiwanese Born American, Corporate executive, Google Adverting Professional and a successful marketer who launched various offline and online ventures in consumer electronic in global retail chains.
Andy hold great passion in building business and marketing internet ventures online since 1996. Andy Huang brings years of results-driven technology marketing expertise to the position as Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Analytic & Google Partner. He has the innate ability to combine traditional and cutting edge marketing methods to quickly grow brand awareness and increase market share across 197 verticals and over 300+ clients. One was acquired in 2015 for $37 Billion, another in 2013 for $1.1 Billion both Nasdaq listed. With extensive experience in revenue driven servicing His aggressive implementation of these strategic proactive revenue planning & marketing efforts rapidly impact all of clients business's bottom line. Now with business blogging on the internet, Andy Huang will share with you some of his most successful business resource and strategies to help add rocket fuel your financial results!

Contact for general business strategy review & marketing consulting.

  • Retainers starts at $2,500/month with $25,000 min monthly revenue.
  • Revenue Planning & Market Analysis starts at $15,000 one time with $50,000 min monthly revenue.