Learning From 2 Millionaires

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 by

In two minutes you are gonna hear from two 7 figure per year marketers, and they are going to take you behind the scenes of their incredibly lucrative businesses, but first… Click Here To See You need to hear this… If you want to learn how to be the best triathlete you don’t hire a

$852,921 and a car explosion..

Monday, 07 November 2011 by

Seriously, just watch even the first 2 minutes of this…this guy literally chases this man and then is so angry, he pulls out his GUN on him?! -> click here to watch It doesn’t end there, he keeps going. Guns, knives, explosions… All for what? Some government agency tells him that he MUST recover a

For those of you who value your Facebook Friends network, I highly recommend that you protect it from various marketers out there who may have an interest in friend poaching your valuable contact list. Here are the steps to configure the setting. Go to your Facebook Profile. 1) Scroll to the right and click on

This morning Wall Street Journal released a 40 page insert producted by direct selling news. Cover story titled “The Ultimate Social Business Model” Articles in this report  include: * “The Ultimate Social Business Model – Why Now is Prime Time for Direct Selling” * “Solution to a Shrinking Job Market” * A financial article “Making

It’s not like those fan page templates you were using right now. They have gone obsolete! Facebook has on 11th March (3 days back), deprecated FBML and that means we can no longer use FBML to build our fan pages. It also means we need to either learn up the new iFrame framework, or get

Why Marketers are Failing Online?

Monday, 07 February 2011 by

My friend Anik Singal made a short video for you that talks about “business models” for anyone who is just starting online… There is ONE thing that most miss and because of it, even if they make millions, they eventually go bankrupt… Click Here to Watch Check it out… it’s also the one thing that

PPC Classroom Live 3

Wednesday, 03 June 2009 by

Hello from Las Vegas Hilton Convention Center where I spent 3 days at PPC Classroom Live 3. Hats off to Anik Singal as not only a good friend, but someone who really ecellerated my career in Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing. I remember the first PPC Classroom Live in Las Vegas, where I made a

Unseminar 6 San Antonio Texas

Monday, 25 May 2009 by

Hello from the Crown Plaza Riverwalk in Downtown San Antonio, I was invited by my partner Simon Leung to speak at http://www.unseminar6.com/ just a week before PPC Classroom Live about affiliate marketing. This was my first speaking event to the internet marketing audience as I had been off stage for a few year really building

In the world of internet marketing, there’s a new product that is launched every week (maybe even every day). I know you know about it because you get the e-mails. I’m not saying that all or even any of these products are bad. Most are probably great in their own light. But, here’s one thing

The SMART Seminar 2008 – Singapore

Monday, 17 November 2008 by

Hello from the Singapore Expo Center at The SMART Seminar 2008 Stuart Tan And Simon Leung At The SMART Seminar 2008 Singapore After one hell of an event at The SMART Seminar 2008 in Malaysia last weekend, The team has traveled to Singapore in preperation for the next SMART seminar. The organizer Simon & Stuart

Hello from Ventura Technology Development Center on the filming set of the Social Media Simplified Web 2.0 Master Class in Ventura, CA! Social Media Simplified Presenters Mari Smith, Deborah Micek, Linda Taylor, Denise Wakeman, Simon Leung And Nancy Marmolejo I picked up Simon from Ontario airport that morning and drove for 2 hours to Ventura

Stompernet Live 6

Tuesday, 26 August 2008 by

Hello from Stompernet Live 6 in Atlanta, GA. What an unbelievable weekend it was with the staffs at Stompernet. We kicked off the event with SEO rapper performing his unbelievable rhyme of SEO tactics. This was an incredible weekend for me as I got to spent a lot of personal time with Andy Edmond, Dan