PPC Classroom Platinum Workshop Boston


Hello from Harvard Club in Boston Massachusetts,

Harvard Club of Boston

I just spent the last four days with Anik Singal & Amit Metha doing our PPC Classroom Live Platnium workshop. I had the pleasure of working with PPC Classroom Student since December 2008, and Anik invited me to participate in the workshop with Amit and Mark Roth for a 2 day intensive hands on training with our students.

We kicked off the first session with just about 20 students and open the hot seat to review their campaign, landing page, and offers.

Amit revealed his $1,000,000+ affiliate website as well as the resources to build his business. Students are extremely excited to learn the indepth strategies that exploded Amits business.

Many of the student has requested to learn more on the placement strategies. Anik has asked me to share my secrets on how to get 1,000,000+ of clicks with double digit CTR with single digit conversion cost.

I went into in-depth strategies to teach the students how to target high trafficed website using proven strategies to pay pennies for 50~70% conversion.

I am very excited to have shared 4 days intensive training with the student of PPC Classroom, and look forward to hear their success in the next few weeks.

Until next time, to your continual success.


PPC Classroom Live 2008 Garden Grove, CA


Hello from the Hyatt Regency in Orange County as my good friend Anik Singal & Amit Mehta kicked off a 3 day of intensive PPC Classroom Live with a full line up of great search  marketing experts for the students of PPC Classroom live.

Since the venue was so close to home, I attended to support Anik & Amit as well as some of the VIP students from PPC Classroom.

Amit Mehta & Anik Singal

I am really suprised on how organized and structured this event has been, probably one of the most professional event I have been to this year. The team brought in several corporate sponsors such as revenuewire.com, markethealth.com as well as other affiliate networks to provide the student personal face time to interact and discuss their needs with the affiliate manager of each program platform.

Here is a picture of sponsor area before the event opened

Anik & Amit Opening the event

The speaker lined up for this event was truly amazing. A lot of great PPC expert came and shared their search marketing expertised with the PPC Classroom students.

Here are some of the speaker profiles:

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Vinny Lingham of SynthaSite.com

Vinny is one of the most brilliant marketers we have ever met. He has one COUNTLESS awards around the world and has made MILLIONS from PPC (while running the business from South Africa)!

Today, Vinny runs a company that is worth over $50 MILLION, based in San Francisco. He uses PPC to drive in over 2,000 users a day to his new service.

Kirt Christensen (The Ad Thief!)

For the first time in my life, I was BOO’d last year at my OWN event when I had to kick Kirt off the stage for being 20 minutes over his time! Kirt is definitely back by popular demand…

Kirt will share his best “PPC tools” – these are the tools that he literally uses to SPY and steal from his top competition without them ever knowing what hit them…

Kirt is one of the most well respected marketers in the world and one our top advisors.

Dr. Mike (The Lead Gangsta!)

Dr. Mike is one crazy guy, but when it comes to getting leads, he can throw anyone under the bus. Dr. Mike is the first person all the top marketers in the world go to when they need to generate leads using CPC.

Making money without ever selling a darn thing…

How does that sound? Just get someone to fill in their ZIP code and Dr. Mike will show you how to get paid up to $5 for the ZIP Code!

Gauher Chaudhry (Coming To A Cell Phone Near Your…)

The author of what’s still considered the BEST course on CPA PPC marketing ever written – years after it has been taken off the market.

Gauher is onto his next earth-shattering strategy that he has NEVER spoken about publicly…

PPC Classroom LIVE 2008 is the first time he has discuss this strategy in DETAIL.

Mike Reining (PPC Whiz Flying In From Malaysia!)

Mike is the co-founder of MindValley, arguably the most respected PPC tool developer in existence.

Mike started his business with just $500 and today runs a Multi-Million dollar company in multiple niches.

Mike shared the BEST keyword strategies he has – things he used to create his “Word Butler” software – these tips have NEVER been shared before!

Of course, with all successful internet marketing event, a cocktail networking party is required.

Raffle drawing at Revenue Wired Sponsored cocktail

Lucky Apple TV Winner showing off

Of course, after 3 days of intensive workshop, we headed to downtown disney with several of the speakers and VIP for a special dinner reception to celebrate the success of PPC Classroom Live 2008.

Carol, Andy, Amit, Anik at VIP Dinner

I look forward being a part of Anik & Amit’s big success in 2009 as PPC Classroom relaunch again on Feb 17th. So look for my announcement before the door close again.

Till next time, to your continual success!


PPC Summit West Los Angeles


Just return from an incredible 2 day with the folks over at PPC Summit. For those who are interested to learn about PPC, this event strongly recommand for those wish to start your career and learning in PPC.

The event was extremely well organized as well as the level of professionalism among the Speaker. The founder of PPC summit and its speakers were former employees of Go2, then Overture, then Yahoo.

The 2 day intensive conference covers specific strategies for Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo Search marketing, Content Network Advertising, as well as Web Ananlytic to refine the data to built a better optimized funneled sales process for your business.

Mark Evans, one of the leading expert in PPC has given me very insightful ad agency experiance that will help improve our adwordsassistants.com program.

Tim Ash, one of the leading expert in landing page optimization gave me a very comprehensive checklist to review on the varibles we need to test for our clients account.

I am looking forward to follow up with many of the speakers here at the event to improve our management service. It was a great opportunity for me to find the leaders in Yahoo Search marketing resource we can incorporate to the PPC services we offer.

Look forward to attend the event, and look forward to see you guys there as well.

To your success!


Meet our Adwords Assistants


Greeting from the 18th floor of the Guyang Mansion in Nanjing, China, where, with Simon Leung, my business partner and master adwords optimizer trainer for our AdWords Assistants team.


Simon Leung And Andy Huang With The AIMVenture China Team

The objective for this trip is to grow the Internet Marketing side of our business by hiring more traffic assistants and providing more training to the team, particularly on the Pay-Per-Click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and Web 2.0 social media side of things.

Simon Leung and I have been in the Nanjing office this past week doing just that, and the team has been doing extremely well in terms of growth and improvement to their skills.

It’s been a hectic week for both of us, but somehow, Simon did a quick video to give you a brief tour of our Nanjing offic. Look forward in helping you in the near future.

Google to retire PPC Beta


Google schedule to retire the PPC beta program. Check out the official post in Google’s blog.

As part of Google’s integration of DoubleClick, the DoubleClick Performics Affiliate network is now part of Google. To consolidate our offerings, we will be phasing out the AdWords pay-per-action beta in the last week of August 2008. As an alternative to pay-per-action advertising, Google offers two products that allow you to manage your advertising on a CPA (cost-per-acquisition) basis: the Conversion Optimizer and the Google Affiliate Network.

The Conversion Optimizer is an AdWords bidding feature that lets you specify a maximum CPA goal for ads on the Google search and content networks. It uses historical information about your campaign to automatically adjust your CPC bid for each auction to help you meet your CPA goal. In addition, the Conversion Optimizer is now supported in both the AdWords Editor and the AdWords API. You can learn more on the Conversion Optimizer homepage.

The Google Affiliate Network, previously known as DoubleClick Performics Affiliate, has been in operation since 1998. Through the network, advertisers can open their ads to all publishers in the network, or select specific publishers that match their criteria. You can set a CPA for your entire campaign or establish custom payment schedules for specific publishers — such as a higher CPA for a particularly optimal placement. The Google Affiliate Network is currently a separate product from AdWords and AdSense. As with AdSense, publishers must apply and be accepted into the network.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Google Affiliate Network, please visit our website.

Google and Yahoo strike ad deal


A important news you need to know how this deal will effect your advertising effort moving forward with the 2 biggest Giants of Internet.

Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

Yahoo Inc. agreed Thursday to a search-advertising deal with rival Google Inc. just hours after announcing that Microsoft Corp. was no longer in the picture.

Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO), based in Sunnyvale, said the nonexclusive pact with Mountain View-based Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) enables it to run Google ads alongside its search results and on some of its Web properties in the U.S. and Canada.

“We believe that the convergence of search and display is the next major development in the evolution of the rapidly changing online advertising industry,” Yahoo CEO and co-founder Jerry Yang said in a statement. “Our strategies are specifically designed to capitalize on this convergence — and this agreement helps us move them forward in a significant way.”

Yahoo leaders said they hope the deal could generate as much as $800 million a year.

Under the terms of the agreement, Yahoo will select the search term queries for which — and the pages on which — Yahoo may offer Google paid search results. Yahoo will define its users’ experience and will determine the number and placement of the results provided by Google and the mix of paid results provided by Panama, Google or other providers. The agreement applies to paid search and content match and does not apply to algorithmic search and also applies to current partners in Yahoo’s publisher network.

Analysts say in essence the Yahoo will be a reseller of Google ads.

Yahoos shares plunged after the announcement that Redmond,Wash.-based Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) walked away from an offer to buy a portion of Yahoo. They dropped 10 percent, or $2.63, to $23.52 by Thursday’s closing bell and declined as much as 7 percent more in Friday trading.

Start building position now as shares of Yahoo are now backdown to before their January earning announcement.

Andy Huang

Google Adwords Print and Audio Ad Webinars


Google Adwords Deparment will be offering free Webinar over the next two weeks. These Webinar will covering Google Print Ads and Google Audio Ads. Traditional media ads can drive more traffic and conversions to your website, all from customers that are local to your business — in these webinars it will cover different ways to expand the Adwords advertising reach with print and audio ads, including how to get started and best practices to be used once your campaigns are up and running.

Here are links and dates to both of the webinars:

  • Google Audio Ads: Wednesday, June 11. Sign up here.
  • Google Print Ads: Wednesday, June 18. Sign up here.

To your success!

Andy Huang